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P & H Farms200-acre P & H Farms is located on the high plains just northeast of the beautiful town of Port Hope, near the homestead community of Zion, whose little church and cemetary still mark the old village site. More than two-thirds of the land is arable; woodland forms its natural eastern perimeter. Over its years of use for nursery and green cropping, the land was drained and carved into a dozen 10-acre or so fields, enclosed by cedar hedges or bush. Each plot is ideally isolated and can be easily monitored for specific plant culturing, pollination, and disease control. Over the last five years one large plot has become a hazelnut grove of about 1000 trees, another plot is a new fruit orchard. Two years ago, one field was dedicated to lavender planting, whose use is being extended from the first 1/2 acre of plant sets to about 5 acres in 2010. In addition to the permanent orchard, nut grove, and lavender fields, the land nurtures as well seasonal vegetables and herb gardens, and acres of organic animal forage and grain.

At the farmers market2010 is the fifth year of P&H Farms. A propitious site for organic tree fruit of all types, its nut and fruit trees are beginning to provide yield. The long-term farm goal is to use some of the fields progressively to bring plants not traditionally grown organically in its zone into viable agriculture, P & H Farms is located about 5 miles north of Lake Ontario in climate zone 5, which means experimentation is on-going as to what the climate can support.

In 2009 the farm received organic certification. Its vegetable harvest was abundant and in rich variety. Beans, corn, lettuces, melons, peas, radishes, spinach, and squash all found their way into the homes of shoppers at the Port Hope Farmers Market, at the Burnham Family Farm Market of Cobourg, at Karma Co-Op in Toronto, and the farm’s gate. Its lettuces and squash were profiled by food writer Lynn Ogryzlo, and its tomatoes, selected for chef preparation for the ’09 Annual Slow Foods Picnic at the Ever Green Brickworks site in Toronto. A portion of the farm’s vegetable production was grown for organic seed for seed retailers the Cottage Gardener (see product list).

P & H FarmsIn addition to organic certification, the farm has a provincially approved environmental farm plan and pursues the ecological philosophy through its membership in the central branch of the Ecological Farmers of Ontario. A huge, old barrel-roof barn and two distinct stone houses grace the property. The plan is 2010 is to renovate one of the houses for farm seminar rooms, a certified kitchen with beehive brick oven as well as guest rooms. The other remains the century homestead.

Ontario Business Registration 190448993
Ontario Business Registration 190448993






Ontario Federation of Agriculture Ontario Federation of Agriculture Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario Ontario Environmental Farm Plan OCCP Certified
Ontario Federation of Agriculture Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario Ontario Environmental Farm Plan OCCP Certified